Saturday, March 6, 2010

Who is OxySpa?

Welcome Indy metro area residents! The staff at Oxyspa is pleased to announce our newest creation the Oxyspa Blog! As a means to build upon communication with you we welcome you to join us today by posting your comments here. We'll share the latest in industry trends, upcoming announcements, and more. As you know we pride ourselves on customer service and we hope this is one more step in that direction. Many different topics will be discussed here. Each staff member is encouraged to share their thoughts about a particular product, service or experience. As the holidays come and go, we will have announcements about upcoming events and specials, including gift certificates. Our staff combined has well over 100 years of experience combined allowing you the opportunity to receive reassurance in the quality of service you receive at Oxyspa.

As you may know we offer a broad line of hair services and hair care products, we have staff who are very knowledgeable and experienced in Hair Extensions. You may also know that we have one of the most experienced aestheticians in the area. Her knowledge and experience with skin care regarding facials, peals, waxing and microdermabrasion have made her popular with so many of her clients. Did you know we also offer massage therapy? Please inquire with your service provider about the rates and contact information for scheduling.

You may know we also offer a very unique service, mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy or more commonly known as (mHBOT). Many of you have seen our hyperbaric chambers in the front of Oxyspa. Many clients have sought this oxygen treatment for many conditions from autism treatment to MS therapy. There are 14 FDA approved usages for HBOT and countless "off label" uses which no medical claims can be made however, research is continuing and many resources on the Internet offer much more info. One needs only to enter "HBOT autism" or "Skin Care HBOT" and many returns will be received. As always if we may direct you to more resources, please let us know. Dr. Darbro was among the first physicians to have mHBOT in his practice in the Indy metro area before his retirement. Oxyspa offers this service and since our inception we are pleased that so many other practitioners have begun offering this adjunctive therapy locally. It's amazing to see this therapy grow and gain popularity.

Thank you for taking a moment to read our first blog and we look forward to serving you and keeping you informed here. When searching for a beauty salon in Indianapolis or Fishers we hope you take a moment to look not only at staff, pricing and location but the listen to the clients. Hopefully, this will be an opportunity to do so.

The staff - Oxyspa.